Body Weight Mastery PDF


Body Weight Mastery, Stronger, faster and fitter… Anywhere, anytime no equipment needed

Fantastic start for kids aged 10-16 with no equipment and want to improve their rugby ability. I think the membership is far better value as it is delivered on an app for the mobile or tablet and I can watch form videos to make sure technique is correct.

This is a PDF program which is not the normal RDC membership.

  • You will get your first phase of the body weight mastery program on the PDF that will be printable to fill out the sets and reps.
  • Every exercise is filmed and ready for you to watch to get the exact form.


  • 3 Strength and power workouts easily done anywhere anytime
  • 1 mobility program – making sure your child can move effectively
  • 1 sprint day, have some fun learning to sprint properly