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The programs are designed for anyone interested in playing rugby union but convert well over to Rugby League, Soccer and AFL. Both Men and Women will get great results from using these programs and implementing the self-development!

There are three main categories you can choose from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 

The beginner is best suited to people who have not done weights before if you’re 15, 16 or even 17 and haven’t been lifting weights for more than 2 years I would choose this category.

The intermediate is best suited for people with 2 years + of training experience, If you’re 16, 17 with 2 years of experience I would choose this category! If you’re 18+ without experience you would be okay to join this category if you wanted. With the option of still starting at the beginner.

The Advanced category is for people with 3-4 years training experience. These programs will still start off building a very strong foundation. The volume however will start to increase and without prior training I wouldn’t advise doing these programs!

Choose the position that you want to be playing! If you come from another sport the outside backs will convert well to Rugby league backs, AFL or soccer. The fly half will convert over well to rugby league halves. The back row will convert well over to rugby league locks. The 2nd row will convert well over to front row in rugby league!

At the start of the month!

12 bite size chunks of information that you can implement into your life! The idea is to slowly change your lifestyle so you’re being the best person you can be.

Access to a gym is advised for these workouts. Body weight programs will come soon for players 10-14!

You can contact me straight through our contact page for further questions on exercises or assistance! I will answer my emails twice a week Monday morning and Friday morning!