Exercise Library

Over 300 exercise videos available for strength, power, speed and mobility.

Tailored Programs

New structured programs every four weeks designed to suit your age and position.

Self Development

Weekly bite sized self development hacks including goal setting, nutrition and mindfulness.

What is RDC?

The Rugby Development Coach is passionate about making everyone into the best rugby player they can be. It is programs designed by age and position to enhance your power, speed, mobility and strength.

Our goal is to help make it safer for kids to start weights training while also making it safer to play rugby. All clients have full access to an exercise library, new structured programs and bite size self development every week to improve mental performance and empower about nutrition.



I took up training with Pat the rugby development coach while playing at Parramatta trying to make it as a professional rugby player! Pat has helped me become a stronger, faster and well-conditioned athlete!
Tyrone Viiga
Rugby Player
The Rugby Development coach helped me put 10kg back on of lean muscle after injury! I enjoyed the structure of the sessions and was really easy to stick too! He helped me with my diet and sleeping practices!
Sam Hayward
Rugby Player