Discover... How To Build Muscle Faster By And Naturally Enhancing Your Performance

If you don’t do this your results will suffer…

You will be wasting time in the gym

You will lack the speed, strength and power you could have on the field

If you’re a guy looking to play, feel or even look your best there’s one thing that really matters and it’s your testosterone…

But building muscle has become increasingly hard in males as testosterone has dropped by up to 60% in the last 30 years… 

If you’re trying to be a beast this is a problem… Testosterone is the key to building muscle and muscle is the motor that allows you to run faster hit harder and jump further.

Don’t forget about sex drive, energy, recovery and focus, testosterone is a big deal for all of these.

There are a lot of factors that go into this but for most men if you’re weaker, slower, tired and less potent than you want to be, you probably have low testosterone…

But if you’re not willing to take unregulated and illegal drugs and risk the potentially dangerous side effects, what can you do?

Thats why I built Maximum Testosterone program so that in just 30 days I am going to guide you having optimal natural testosterone for optimal performance on the field with a Stronger, Faster and Powerful body 



My Names Patrick Searson, a rugby player who got frequently got told he wasn’t big enough or strong enough and got bumped in tackles and struggled to make teams transformed into a player who was known for his strength and speed and made 1st grade which I never thought possible using the knowledge found in this program

As much as I wanted to be like beast, I just couldn’t get to the level of muscle mass, strength and speed I wanted…

I felt like everything I tried from protein powder, creatine or even changing from different styles of workouts, I just couldn’t get the body I wanted…

I was frustrated, annoyed and confused, I worked so hard why couldn’t I have that super athletic body…

That was enough for me.

I found a mentor and I learnt about testosterone and how to naturally boost it.

I researched and tested many ways to get the most out of my body and have been able to build the strongest, fastest and biggest version of myself

Helping me play Rugby at a high level and absolutely love how I can perform on the field.

 It took me 5 years to get my testosterone as high as I wanted it, Im going to show you how to do it in 30 days…

High Natural Testosterone In 30 days

Build muscle mass faster

Recover Faster

Have High Motivation And Drive

Stay on track to achieving your goals

Be Resilient

"How does this work?"

You get access to the formula delivered in easy to understand videos showing you simple actionable steps for the highest testosterone possible

Learn how to hack testosterone to boost it immediately

So you instantly can be ready to do battle in the gym, field or wherever you need it. 

Increasing the strength of your lifts and power and making a remarkable difference to your performance on and off the field.

Use and people will be blown away by you

Learn how to eat to have the highest testosterone naturally

So you know exactly what to eat, when to eat to get you the best results in just 30 days otherwise it’s more than likely your current eating habits are decreasing testosterone, which will be slowing the speed of your results

Learn how to make sure you're testosterone is high long term

Keeping testosterone high long term can help reduce injuries, help keep you growing and improving and motivated all life long.

Be supported every step of the way

Join the chat…

I will be personally sharing more testosterone secrets, sharing my meals, exercises with you in this chat…

You won’t be alone on this journey, you can ask any questions you like about building muscle, performance, nutrition and recovery

If this doesn't have you feeling like you're a beast with more energy, strength and muscle in 30 days I will give you a full refund...

Even if you buy it, look at it and go it’s not for me…

Fine I’ll give you your money back

I know this works so well that when you apply this you will be asking me why I didn’t charge $1000 for this.

Your testosterone will be higher, your muscle building ability, athletic ability and sexual ability will all be increased… ​


From Meal to Muscle

How to make sure you’re absorbing all your protein for the fastest muscle gains


 There isn’t much point of working out really hard and then not recovering optimally…

 Obviously everyone knows you need protein to help repair and grow the muscles for more strength and speed…

How do you know if you’re getting enough?

How do you know if you’re actually absorbing and using the protein?

This bonus pays for the course in itself knowing how to absorb protein better will be a game changer along with what you will learn 

Valued at $150 

Unless you don’t value the best results 

Bonus 2

Get the Maximum Muscle Month 1 PDF Program

Get the most out of your gym training, gaining muscle faster than ever

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Unless you are already an RDC member on the RDC program its important if you want to be your strongest, fittest and fastest on the field that you train that way…

That’s why with these next 30 days I’m prepared to give you the first month of the Maximum muscle program to ensure you grow and see the best results with your extra testosterone

Once you start this journey you can never go back to the same old you. With higher natural testosterone your motivation, strength and recovery are going to go through the roof… So that’s what I mean by once you have had that, you will want to stay that way and you can just by sticking to what you are about to learn.

As soon as you hit purchase you will be able to start watching the videos. 

Being guided to your highest natural testosterone and becoming the beast you can be…

You will be sent the invite link to the club so you can ask questions and be supported to being a beast…

Then we get into it, we apply the key learnings straight away, within days you will notice your motivation start to increase

In two weeks of training and sticking to the advice you will notice recovery becoming quicker, your strength improving faster, being able to perform more sets and reps…

Oh how good does it feel when you smash the weight what you did last week…

Then you’re going to take it onto the field, You’re going to be stronger and faster than before, it’s time for you to impress your coaches, friends, team mates and even yourself with your new found beastly power.


If you don’t do this now… then when?

There is no better time for you to become the beast you want to be other than now…

If you don’t you’re taking the greatest risk of all, which is staying the same old you.

I will see you on the other side