Discover... These Body Weight Only Techniques For Taking Your & Muscle To A New Level

These Techniques will

 Accelerate your rugby performance and making sure you become bigger, stronger and faster than your competitors…

You will be feeling better in your own body… Imagine being more flexible so you’re not stiff all the time. Imagine finding it easy to be fit because your body moves with ease…

No Weights Required.

Stuck in lockdown with no weights…


Have a child who you want to help Improve their rugby potential and decrease risk of injury?



“You don’t need a lot of intensity to get amazing results from this”


You can do this program with NO equipment at all


The exercises are scaleable for 10 year olds and can are hard enough for even Pro athletes to get Strength and speed results 


  • Maximise Your Potential – If you don’t, you will regret it… It will always be, what could’ve I been
  • No body likes sitting on the sidelines – It’s wasting your time and potential… If you train poorly your or not at all your chances go up by 75%
  • You don’t have a long period of your life to play Rugby or make it Professional, It’s time to maximise how you play.
It’s not your fault… regular gym programs suck… Body building, Power lifting and speed programs aren’t made for Rugby players…



There is a

Have proven strength and conditioning programs


Upgraded strength - Im going to make you STRONG
Dominate contact - Tackle harder - Run harder - Increased saftey - Increase Stamina 100%
Increased Speed - I've made my mum fast, I can make you fast
Run rings around your opposition, score more tries, make more line breaks and burn people 100%
Increased Muscle Mass - You're going to need new shirts
Protective muscle tissue designed to help you get through contact, plus feel good naked 100%
Increased mobility and flexibility - No more love making to foam rollers
You don't want to be the guy who has to make love to a foam roller every time you warm up... With this training you won't have to 100%

Perfect for

If you need more Speed, Power & Muscle
If you have no access to weights...
You are a kid and are not allowed to use weights yet

Access to

The RDC membership and the App
Body weight Strength, mobility, conditioning programming
Sprinting sessions
Nutrition, recovery tools

"But Pat I never stick to programs, why will I on this one"

Results... You will love the feeling getting immediate results and turning yourself into a weapon. I could turn an old man into a weapon on doing this

Easy to use Professional App

My 65 year old mum uses the app... This means everyone can use it easily.
I hated carrying around Spread sheets with programs to fill in... Now you don't have to because you can log all your results Easily..

Be guided every step of the way

You don't need a personal trainer or coach in person with the RDC membership.
All the exercises are filmed so you know exactly what you're doing and getting better results than your competition

Stop the terrible form

Unsure you're doing something correctly?
Want to be sure... Film it send it to me on the app and I'll give you advice on every lift you send
Then you won't be that gym bro everyone is laughing at when they hurt themselves in the gym...

Stop the Plateau...

How many people do you know stick to doing the same things all the time and don't go anywhere... You won't be that player anymore. Every 4 weeks you get a new phase of programming exercises to keep you growing

An in-person 1 on 1 session a week with me values at $520 per month

This is far superior as you get as many sessions as you need...

You also get to choose where and when you do these sessions.


Fuel Guide

Well if you’re going to play well…

Gain muscle well…

Get faster… 

You’re going to need the right fuel in terms of food + hydration

You don’t want to be that stinky one who’s always farting because of a shocking diet trying to gain muscle

You also don’t want to be the player who cant gain muscle

This takes the guessing out of it

Value $200

Recovery tools

If you’re going to train well, then you’re going to want to Recover well…

So you too can now recover like a pro athlete with the knowledge of what will help aid your recovery…

When you recover well not only will you build muscle faster but you will feel better…

Your brain will be sharp and you will be able to achieve more with your day…Maybe you’ll turn into wolverine


Value $200

Mental preparation

Do you get head noise before a game?

Feel like you get too nervous before a game…

Worrying what might go wrong?

Just want to be calm and collected so you can play your best?

I understand that.. 

Which is why I give you my best Mind FLEX tools I’ve used

Value $150

Monthly Zoom

Every month for RDC members I deliver a monthly webinar / get together 

To make a community of players wanting to be their best selves

It is a great time to ask me any questions you may have regarding anything I can help with!

Value $120

Ryan went from an injured kid who couldn't even do a Push up, he couldn't run properly and he couldn't hold his own body weight up but that all changed after 12 weeks of doing the RDC program.. He is now a rep player for his age group
Lost 15kg and gained muscle just from doing the body weight programs and following the simple nutrition advice.. He is full of self confidence now and happier to play on the field

My name’s Patrick Searson… I was once weak & slow…I had to make love to a foam roller for 20 minutes just to feel like I was ready to play or train.



My poor foam roller now must feel lonely as I only touch it once a week for maintenance..

I am ready with every session as soon as blood flow is in the muscle I am ready to go.


My aches and pains are gone.


I am faster now then I have ever been… Never have I burnt so many people in one season (the old in and away, sometimes even a goosey)


I am stronger and hold more muscle then ever before… I am not a huge guy naturally by any means but I have made the most of what I’ve got and it has transferred to the field.


I’m not saying this to brag… I’m saying this because it is what I want for you.


I know this is possible for you, I have tried and tested my system on over 500 rugby players now.


This is not a powerlifting, body building or even crossfit program.


You can Achieve amazing results from only using body weight exercises, in the picture above I was traveling Australia by myself and was able to push my body to a new level with only body weight…


Now you can too.



$1440 for 12 months

$720 for 12 months 50% off
Best value

Body weight Mastery PDF 1 month

$59.90 for 1 program

100% Results Guarantee

I am so sure of your results.. Money back if you're not happy after 12 weeks

  • RDC system designed specifically to make you better at the demands of Rugby
  • The App guidance making sure you're not left guessing and you get the best result
  • You won't plateau with New phases and programs coming out every 4 weeks
  • The bonus's making sure you get everthing possible from your training
When I first met Ryan he couldn't run for more then 30m without pain and getting tired... He now can run for a full game and made a rep side.
Interestingly the two photos here Ahmed had only done body weight exercises to build his legs.. He has since advanced into the super player program

When should I start this, is it better for pre-season or off-season?

This might sound bias… but the best answer is NOW.

Here’s why

  • The sooner we start, the sooner I can help you reduce your risk to injury… No one wants to be injured
  • The more time I can have building you up, allowing you to feel your best faster
  •  It only takes 1-2 sessions a week to get great results, if you can do more great.. but I understand people are busy with school, work and rugby training.
  • The more time you sit and think about it, is action time we are missing out on.

How many sessions a week does it take to see results?

It only takes 1-2 sessions a week for Guaranteed results

 I understand your are busy and you might not have the time

If thats what he can do I have optimised programs for 1 or 2 sessions a week… so you will still get all the benefits of strength, mobility, speed and conditioning. If you can commit to more for greater results, we should start now.

Session times are optimised to run for 30-60 minutes depending on which program you select (we can always change it for you during)

Your son can do up to 7 sessions a week if he wanted to and if he could recover! This would include, Strength, mobility, speed and conditioning split over the week

What Equipment Do I need to Start this?


This program requires no equipment, but if you want to get some equipment, Gymnastic rings are amazing for developing strength and can put you on the body weight program with rings.

All you have to do is put that into the details when signing up and I will make sure you get the right program in your app.


Imagine if you started this today... How well do you want to play in 12 weeks, 6 months or in One years time?

If playing well is high on your priorities, being strong, faster and fitter well then it makes sense to start now

But imagine if you didn't start, you will most likely regret it... I know for sure if you do this you will be on your way to fulfilling your potential...

Your chances of going pro rugby at some stage are small but do you want to try everything you can to be the best player you could be and give yourself the best shot?