RDC Fuel Guide & Supplement Guide


Discover… The ‘How’, To Optimally Fuel Your Body For Any Goal… Reach Your Results Faster And Have Clarity Of What You Need To Eat And When…

Build Muscle, lose fat and have the most energy as possible so you can crush it on the field.

This guide is not a meal plan guide so if you’re looking for just meal plans it’s not for you but it does allow for you to create your own meals from the guide making you accountable for achieving your goals

Included is the supplement guide to help with save you money, so you’re not wasting time and money on useless supplements. I show you the ones that work for every goal.

It’s hard when it comes to nutrition as there is millions of opinions out there for what’s wrong and right… The Fuel guide cuts through the bull**** to put the power back in your hands and find what is going to work for you.

The Fuel guide comes with the RDC Super Player Program and Maximum Muscle program as a bonus…




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