Discover... These Carefully Guarded Techniques For Taking Your & Power To The Highest Level

These Techniques

 Accelerate your rugby performance by putting on 5-10kg of muscle so you are the biggest, strongest and fastest you have ever been.

This means you will tackle harder, break tackles and feel confident out on the field. 

So that coaches, selectors and even other players notice you

Size Matters and the RDC system will get you bigger, without making you slower.


Put on 5-10kg of muscle using techniques that actually help you on the field


Body Building, Powerlifting, Crossfit programs are great if that’s what you want to do


But If you’re looking for the ultimate program to make your on field performance go to the highest level…

and if you’re are going to put in the work and follow the program.


This is for YOU



Be Rugby Strong

IMG_7327 2

Be a tackle buster so you get noticed on the field


Be strong in contact so you don't miss any tackles

Be Fast


Make line breaks with your speed

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 11.57.17 am

Never let your speed let you down again

Increased Muscle Mass


Be powerful where you need it most
so you score more tries

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.14.42 pm

So you're the beast on the field people need to look out for

Increased Stamina

You will go all game without dropping in performance


You will be explosive in the last 10 minutes of the game

Increased Mobility + Flexibility

Making you strong in any position you may get into on the field while, preventing injuries

Suhan - Physio from slow to fast and bouncy

Helping you be strong and get lower in contact then your opposition


This Recipe Is The Beginning For Your On-field Domination

So you can make greater impact every time you step onto the field
Coaches will notice your improvements, other players will notice and you will be confident in your own ability

"How does this work?"

Once signed up, you will get invited to our super easy to use App

Train heroic 1 (1)

All your sessions will be uploaded straight to your app

It means you can train anywhere around the world with the RDC system

It also means you can train anytime you desire..

You also don't have to carry spread sheets everywhere you go again

Train heroic 1

Watch the form videos and record everything on the app

No more guessing what the exercise is, simply click the picture of the exercise and the video of how to appears

Record weights every week so you can see your stats improve weekly!

Tick it off and I can see when you're done

Train heroic 2

Form correction making sure you get the best results

Simply film yourself doing the exercise and send it to me on the app

This means I can correct your form and you get the best results possible

It also means it's like having a trainer in your pocket helping you get the best results

Train heroic 3

Become a beast... With new phases every 4 weeks

You wouldn't want to plateau and stop progressing or get bored or the programs...

So every 4 weeks the program gets harder and keeps you improving

The longer you stay on the program the more beastly you will be

"So what do I get in the program?"

Strength, Speed, Plyometric, Balance, Conditioning, Mobility Programming

Train heroic 4

Three or five days strength power workouts

You choose how many days you can commit to and the program will be optimised, getting you the best result

Train heroic 3 (1)

Optional Sprint session

Making sure you have optimal sprint technique. This prevents injuries and gives you the most speed possible

Train heroic 4 (1)

Two mobility

So you can move well and have the best protection on the field

An in-person 1 on 1 session a week with me values at $520 per month

This is far superior as you get as many sessions as you need...

You also get to choose where and when you do these sessions.

"So why RDC over my club or school Program?"

School and club programs are great but they can not give you the competitive edge that the RDC system provided you with

When you follow the RDC system you will be physically dominant and ready on the field

Jack Brewer RDC client

2nd XV to 1 XV in the Shute Shield

From hurt lower back Fixed lower back injury

From slow to fast

Being able to last 80 minutes and still be explosive at the end of a game

Fuel Guide
Recovery guide
Mental prep
Mental prep (1)
Contrast Will (2)
James has gained 18kg in just over a year of traing with the Super Player Program, with his weight gain his speed has also increased. It's allowed him to "feel more confident on the field and bust through more tackles".
Contrast Will (1)
This is Marcel 42 years young and wanted to put on as much lean muscle mass as possible. The RDC Maximum Muscle program helped him achieve phenomenal results.

My name’s Patrick Searson… I am as far from athletically gifted as could be. I always struggled to make the top sides.


Fortunately for me that helped me develop the RDC system which made me Bigger, Stronger, Faster and able to make 1st grade…


I ran 100m in 13.8s when I was 17, Nothing to be proud of there.


I have now run 100m in 11.5s and I am 8kg heavier when I was 17. It goes to show you can build muscle and gain speed at the same time if you do it right


My height at 1.76cm tall was never ideal for a number 7 in todays modern game but I made it work for me by being exceptionally strong over the ball and in tackling positions


I’m not saying this to brag… I’m saying this because it is what I want for you.


I know this is possible for you, I have tried and tested my system on over 500 rugby players now.


This is not a powerlifting, body building or even crossfit program.


This is the most thought out program specific for your rugby needs. I don’t want you to make my mistake of training as a power lifter or body builder and ruining your potential…


$1440 for 12 months

$720 for 12 months 50% off
Best value

Ultimate guidance

$120 per week
Maximum 10 people at a time on this
Best value

100% Results Guarantee

I am so sure of your results.. Money back if you're not happy after 12 weeks

  • RDC system designed specifically to make you better at the demands of Rugby
  • The App guidance making sure you're not left guessing and you get the best result
  • You won't plateau with New phases and programs coming out every 4 weeks
  • The bonus's making sure you get everthing possible from your training

When should I start this, is it better for pre-season or off-season?

This might sound bias… but the best answer is NOW.

Here’s why

  • The sooner we start, the sooner I can help you reduce your risk to injury… No one wants to be injured
  • The more time I can have building you up, allowing you to feel your best faster
  •  It only takes 1-2 sessions a week to get great results, if you can do more great.. but I understand people are busy with school, work and rugby training.
  • The more time you sit and think about it, is action time we are missing out on.

How many sessions a week does it take to see results?

It only takes 1-2 sessions a week for Guaranteed results

 I understand your are busy and you might not have the time

If thats what he can do I have optimised programs for 1 or 2 sessions a week… so you will still get all the benefits of strength, mobility, speed and conditioning. If you can commit to more for greater results, we should start now.

Session times are optimised to run for 30-60 minutes depending on which program you select (we can always change it for you during)

Your son can do up to 7 sessions a week if he wanted to and if he could recover! This would include, Strength, mobility, speed and conditioning split over the week

What Equipment Do I need to Start this?


There are programs requiring no equipment at all… Which focus on building all the same muscle qualities as you would in the gym.

Meaning you can get results from anywhere

There are programs specific for gym work. Or if you only have a Barbell there are programs for that..

All you have to do is put that into the details when signing up and I will make sure you get the right program in your app.

How long do I need to do this for?

There are no contracts

Yep, you can cancel anytime. Obviously I want you to stay on to get the best results ever. 

So I want to create the best experience and bring you the best results so you don’t want to leave.

Imagine if you started this today... How well do you want to play in 12 weeks, 6 months or in One years time?

If playing well is high on your priorities, being strong, faster and fitter well then it makes sense to start now

But imagine if you didn't start, you will most likely regret it... I know for sure if you do this you will be on your way to fulfilling your potential...

Your chances of going pro rugby at some stage are small but do you want to try everything you can to be the best player you could be and give yourself the best shot?