Discover... These Carefully Guarded Techniques For & Power For Rugby players

How strong could these techniques make you ?

What will you do with the extra power on the field?

How will these techniques help you look & feel professional

If you have had enough of not having useable Muscle & Power for the field, this is for you.


Doing this program you will… 
Put on 5-15kg of muscle specific for Rugby
 Be able to move weight faster, making you Powerful on the field
 This is not your ordinary powerlifting or body building program this is designed to actually make you athletic while building muscle
You will get STRONG
Dominate contact - Tackle harder - Run harder - Increased saftey - Increase Stamina 100%
You will be Faster and hit harder
You're going to bust many more tackles 100%
You will have more Muscle Mass
Protective muscle tissue designed to help you get through contact 100%
Increased mobility and flexibility
Reduce your risk of injury 100%

Perfect for

Players who need to put on 5-15kg of Muscle

Minimum of 3 days a week needed in the gym

Players not being powerful enough

Players looking to Make more of an impact

Access to

Program for 3-6 days

Extras include mobility

Nutrition specific for muscle gain
with Membership

recovery tools

But Pat, I struggle to put on size and muscle how do you know It will work for me

Over 500 Rugby players have had success on the RDC system... I also once struggled to put on size until I found this way of training

Easy to use Professional App

RDC Pro members & ultimate guidance get to use the easy to use app New Phase of workouts every 4 weeks to make sure you do not plateau

Be guided every step of the way

Every exercise is filmed for you to watch, every set and rep can be recored and saved on the app

Incredible support RDC Pro & Ultimate guidance

Film all your exercises and send them to be coached on the app. Making sure you get the exact results you desire and doing all exercises Correctly!

Monitor all results

You can log in to check on how your son is going, see all the exercises he has completed!


Nutrition, recovery and game day tools!
RDC pro & Ultimate guidance


28 years old and back to playing the best rugby of his career. Putting on 8kg of muscle has helped teekay dominate 1st grade in Sydney and not allow younger players to come through and take his spot


Over the summer 12 weeks Takunda put on 8kg and was able to dominate on the field. He now continues to do RDC and keeps on improving

My name’s Patrick Searson… I was a small, slow kid… I once got run around by a 65 year old man playing touch football


I always struggled to put on muscle mass without just getting fat..


Until I learnt how to train the way I do now and combining it with the best recovery tools possible.


I am now 90kg at 175cm and 7% bodyfat… I’m not saying this to brag but to show you its possible for you…


You see I’m not so tall or broad naturally but I was able to get myself playing 1st grade and dominating on the field.


My speed dramatically improved to the point I can now burn people on the outside every game. My power in contact meant I could hold my feet and be strong over the ball.


Imagine what I could help you do…


You won’t get the results of Muscle mass, speed and power if you train as body builder, power lifter or crossfitter…


Which is why I bring you the RDC system… So you put on muscle and power specifically for rugby and you’re not making yourself worse off by doing other systems..


Join in with the other 500+ rugby players getting the best reuslts on the RDC system…



100% Size Guarantee

You follow the program and nutrition, I know you will put on size and power... You have everything to gain by doing the program and everything to lose if you don't

When should I start this, is it better for pre-season or off-season?

This might sound bias… but the best answer is NOW.

Here’s why

  • You can build muscle all year round, we just need to make sure we get enough recovery
  • The more time I can have building you up, the bigger, faster and stronger you can get
  •  It only takes 2-4 sessions a week to get great results, if he can do more great.. but I understand people are busy and play other sports
  • The more time you sit and think about it, is action time we are missing out on.

How many sessions a week does it take to see results?

It only takes 2-4 sessions a week for Guaranteed results

 I understand your are busy and you might not have the time

If thats what he can do I have optimised programs for  2 to 5 sessions a week… so he will still get all the benefits of strength, mobility, speed and conditioning. If you can commit to more for greater results, we should start now.

Session times are optimised to run for 30-60 minutes depending on which program you select (we can always change it for you during)

Your son can do up to 7 sessions a week if he wanted to and if he could recover! This would include, Strength, mobility, speed and conditioning split over the week