Speed Strength Power Program
Body Weight Mastery-No Weights Required
Rugby Maximum size & Power program

Stop going unnoticed... When you achieve the RDC targets, people will notice

People will notice when you start achieving these targets that will make you speficially strong, fit and fast for rugby

These targets are physical goals you can aspire to achieve in the gym and on the field, allowing you to be your best on the field. 

These targets are used for professional athletes and I have scaled them ready for every level from professional to junior level.

Put your email in and I’ll send you the targets you can go off and achieve to make yourself as rugby ready as possible


Matt started at 70kg and was being told he wasn't big enough to be a threat...
His main weapon is his speed and worried he would lose it with increased size,
He is now 84kg and a top try scorer in the shute shield.
Matt Gonzalez
Rugby Player
"I can't believe how much Ahmed has improved" - Ahmeds club coach...
In Ahmed's words he chicken legs to rugby legs. Starting at 13 he had never done any strength training and started my body weight programs.
Ahmed Ghosh
Rugby Player